Embodiment of One

Judith Minnema - Soul Guide and Mentor

You are Home Beautiful Precious Soul!


When you are reading this now you probably had some deep experiences and revelations of your true nature, the true nature of our humanity and the whole of existance. You feel the longing and the inner drive to embody this deep knowing of oneness, of unity, of the fulness of life and above all to create a new society together based on this new way of being. I am totally with you in that. You feel your soul is more and more coming to the front and more often you are able to listen to what it has got to say. But you also experience loneliness and confusion, disorientation even (who am I?), groundlesness and fear. There is so much happening in your life while you are also working on your vision and mission for the world, guiding and facilitating others yourself. You wish to have more of the right people around you that know what you are going through, who deeply see you and meet you, who are your allies. You wish to have a mentor, that can guide you through this intense process of transformation.


I have gone and am still going this path myself. In 2001 I experienced an abrubt and irreversible awakening. For about 6 months I walked around in a state of enlightenment, experiencing existance as One. From that period on I knew. And I could not un-know. The state experience didn't last though and I knew this human being needed to devellop in order to be able to embody this Truth. I had no clue how but I was absolutely convinced that it was possible. And now I can say with even deeper conviction backed up by experience that it is possible. Not that I reached an endpoint, in no way whatsoever! You better say I reached a beginningpoint, an eternal beginningpoint, he point of not knowing, continuous surrender to endless ungraspable truth, while being this human being on planet earth. Although I found a spiritual teacher and comunity that was important for all of this, it was only until I found the right mentor who could meet me in all that I am that I really was able to grow and be an embodiment of One. This way of meeting someone fully in total inclusivity is what I can offer now myself to others.

You and Me

If you feel resonance with me, an inner trust that I can guide you temporarily on your path I am happy to have a meeting with you to see if we have a match. Because everyone is unique and every relationship creates its own unique energy, I leave open the way we will work together. We might meet on Zoom, we might meet in my apartment, we can work physically in the New Humanity Dojo in The Hague, or I can come to you wherever you are in the world. There can be silence, touch, healing, sometimes I only listen, sometimes I only talk :-) We might spent an hour, 5 minutes or a week together, we both will know what is right. The most important thing is that I will hold the space for you in your totality of being and we work with what is there in the moment and be guided by the intelligence emerging between us.

Let's Start

Just contact me by e-mail, pm or phone. We will set a date for an initial chat. When we have a match we will continue in the way we agreed upon. I work completely donation based. You can pay me whatever you feel is right for you. One thing I realised deeply is the inherent abundance life is and how this is always available for us in relationship. That means that when we meet, what is flowing between us and emerges from that is abundant for the whole of life (including you and me). Expressing that with a donation is just part of the abundance there already is and is deeply appreciated as such. The money flowing through me in this way has the same vibration as the Love that is flowing through me.