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Here you can find my latest insights, experiences, visions, thoughts and contemplations on everything that stirs my soul and shakes my heart. They are personal universal stories about being a human. Find my latest blog below!
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As all human beings, I have an extraordinary life story to tell. It is a personal universal story and it has some deep revelations in it that you will love and inspire. I will publish my book in the near future and it will be available at Amazon and Kindle.
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Sometimes I wright down some words that miraculousely form a poem, sometimes I have an insight out of the blue wich is too good to keep for myself. I will make a beautiful place for it in My Notebook. Read it here below.

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The Call to Grow Up

Ever since I had a life changing experience of awakening (or enlightenment or ultimate freedom) I knew I was called to be and to express much more than I was able to back then. I literally realized I needed to grow up.

I also realized that this inside calling wasn't just ment for tiny little me, it was a calling for humanity. I clearly sensed that from this deep freedom which I recognized to be the essence of who we all are, we can create a world that is all good, true and beautiful, that nothing is in our way to create a flourishing global society.

In me this knowing landed with a deep intention: “We can create a new world from the inside out” and this intention is still the driving force of everything I do in my life. I get up with it, and I go to bed with it. It endlessly inspires me, it madly chases my mind and it drives me to continuously ask myself the question: Who am I more? and to become an expression of that.

The 'funny' thing with this kind of callings and visions is that more often than not, they do not come with a clear map or a step by step plan. So I had no clou whatsoever how to develop myself in this possible human I sensed in my vision, but I knew it was going to happen. The journey already had begun and the path I just came from wasn't there anymore....

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