Judith Minnema

Create a New World from the Inside Out


I Have a Dream! A dream, yes!

I have a vision of the possible world.

I dream of a worldwide renaissance, a new genesis! 

I dream of the birth of a flourishing global society.

In this new emerging society we live and work passionately to make the best possible happen together. We are full expressions of Life and self identify as the always pulsing creative force. This will be the core of our being and our expression.

Existing institutions and all other stuck structures will quickly make place for new forms of organisation that match our new shared values. Men and women will finally find their real equality in the depth of our humanness, the source of all of creation, pure consciousness, and we will let go of our identification with the cultural constructs of being feminine or male. This will liberate a total new expression of being human and will make everything possible we dream of.

We celebrate human diversity and we respect developmental hierarchy between individuals, between social groups, between nations and we always seek to empower eachother to grow.

Our society will be based on shared values like deep care and love for the whole, moral integrity, authentic inquiry, transparency, creativity and expressive freedom.

We deeply will understand that we are not only One Human, but we are One Existance, and from that we naturally will take care for anything in the universe and let it express its true miraculous wonders.

We will grow into this new story by giving up our own personal stories and become interested in who we are more. And so much more we are! We still only use a tiny portion of our capacities and tend to stop, saying: This is me, this is human. At the same time we do not have a clou why we keep on repeating patterns again and again and why we have so much trouble changing the big planetary problems we have although we badly want to.

We all know it! There will be no sustainable change in the outside world without any real development in our inside world. And our inside world is calling us so loudly now through our insights, experiences, feelings, visions, dreams, depression, longings, (collective) memories, soul, archetypes, immagination, pain, dispair, history, creativity.

We have become so materialistic that we almost completely have forgotten about the realness of our inside. We simply do not value it as true. This is a big loss, and we need to recover it so we can thrive into our full potential.

It is my personal mission to become this possible human and to do whatever is in my ability to inspire others with my own life that we can change the world from the inside out.

You may say that I'm a dreamer

But I am not the only one

- John Lennon 1971 -