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My 7 Day Dance Experiment

Introduction on my birthday June 12, 2015

I gave myself the coolest birthday present ever today. I have rented a dance studio in which I will be dancing every morning from 7-8 the coming week. It is a joyful experiment to express as many parts of myself possible! I will dance on music from different eras and different parts of the world and will see how the body wants to move on it. Looking forward to it and will be posting some experiences here on Facebook.

The photograph below was taken after a very liberating 20 day long retreat in Colorado. Dance of freedom.

June 15, 2015

Dance Experiment Day 1 - Genesis

First impressions: 1 hour is short! - Starting my day like this is yammie - Very grounding and joyful to watch myself and my movements in the mirror - Next time I need a more stable tripod(see video next post).

Dance experience: Today I danced on the sound of the universe. I first sat in meditation for a while and then automatically my body started to move. It felt like collapsing, attracting and merging. Than later on I danced on the sound of a mother's womb and heartbeat. It was very slow, small and soft. The third dance was called transformation. I rolled myself up in a soft blanket and I naturally started to pulse in it like a caterpillar in its chrysalis. Well that's it for today. Hopefully I will be able to show you a short video impression somewhere this week. I feel totally ready for a creative and productive day!

Next time I need a more stable tripod :-) (video only available on Facebook)

June 16, 2015

Dance Experiment Day 2 - Instinct

First impressions: Some resistance at the beginning - I found great tribal music on Spotify! - Amazing the impact of sound and music - This experimental week might lead to something new....

Dance experience: Today I danced on natural sounds like jungle sounds of birds and monkeys, waterfalls, heavy rain and thunder. I felt very focused on food, water and shelter. I also was very alert even while laying down. Then I put on tribal music from all around the globe. I really felt the power of the repetitive movements and shouts to drive out or prefend negative influences of the natural world. Also being one with the tribe made a lot of sense. At the end I was amazed about what naturally came forth in my expressions.

Made it at the end to test the tripod (video only available on Facebook)

June 17, 2015

Dance Experiment Day 3 - Kill or die

First impressions: Actually I was looking forward to this day smile-emoticon - It was a nice sweaty body workout too - there was a big difference between the first and the second dance (see posted in reactions) - Oh and it felt much more agressive than it looks!

Dance experience: Today I danced on warrior.fight music. I kept it only to two pieces: Epic music from Vikings and Gangsta Rap. The difference was that the first 'dance' felt very real, it was killing or dying, no choice. I was quite absorbed by that feeling, no time to waste, no resting, go, go, go! It was about my survival but in purpose for the survival of the whole group. The second dance was more about me myself and I. Respect! Very ego driven. More like either I kill your ego or you kill mine smile-emoticon It is all a little bit pumped up, survivalistic behavior that is kind of out of context. I also had downloaded very dark heavy metal, but I just couldn't do it anymore. Maybe I will come back to that one later.

June 18, 2015

Dance Experiment Day 3 - Order and repetition

First impressions: Huge resistance today! almost skipped this one - had a sore body too due to an enthusiastic yoga lesson frown-emoticon - I heard some great classical music pieces and want to listen more.

Dance experience: Today I first listened to Mozart for a while and tried some classical ballet poses. High on my toes, very straight and long spine and soft elegant arms. Understood the idea, it looks very elegant, but it is so hard! I could hold it only for a minute or so. Then I danced on classical folk music and I held myself to only one repetitive movement. I could go on forever with this! Then I switched to Irish traditional folk music. Very interesting to feel you just go and do not think anymore. The steps are prescribed and do not ever change. You just become one with the group and the music and that is what it is. No need to express your unique self at all! Pure happiness in being part of the group and its rules, and push the repeat buttton :-) Your mind gets calm and your body relaxes in it. Listen to the music and you know exactly what I mean!!!

June 20, 2015

Dance Experiment Day 5 - The Power to Create

First impressions: As the time goes by, the choice in music gets larger and larger - Doing this experiment is enriching my movement possibilities - Doing this experiment gives me a very lively renewed interest in our history and how the imprints of it are restored in our mind-body-soul unity.

Dance experience: This dance is on Dance of the Knights, a ballet written by the Russian composer Sergei Prokoviev in 1938 for the ballet Romeo and Juliet. For me the music (although the story of Romeo and Juliet is different) was symbolizing the discovery of the power a human being has, to create. It was very powerful and also scary by times. I felt torned between the power of creation and the overwhelm of the responsibility for it all, and also a certain loss of connection with God, with the mystic, like an offer I had to make. Today (Sunday) I will dance on 'Immagine' (John Lennon) and 'Earthsong' (Michael Jackson) which both really bring me to tears, so I am curious how it will work out.

June 21, 2015

Dance Experiment Day 6 and 7 - Express Yourself

First Impressions: Totally moving final of the experiment......

Dance experience: On day 6 I lost myself in finding the right music, there was so much to choose from! Then when I discovered Madonna, I totally got addicted to her music and spent almost the whole hour on Sunday (day 7) dancing on Holiday, Vogue, Express Yourself, Material Girl etc. She has been such a strong icon in the '80, she knew what she wanted and went after it! And she shook up the world with her provocations! This dance Vogue is all about self-expression, you can see how I am exploring my movements during the dance (it is placed below).

But then......the last 5 minutes of the hour I put on Earthsong from Michael Jackson and I just couldn't help but feel incredible pain inside and I just kept on going with that. I never have had such an intense experience with dancing and I was really moved by it. When I was riding home on my bike I got the thought: "When we do not cry anymore, we are lost"