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The Call to Grow Up

Ever since I had a life changing experience of awakening (or enlightenment or ultimate freedom) I knew I was called to be and to express much more than I was able to back then. I literally realized I needed to grow up.

I also realized that this inside calling wasn't just ment for tiny little me, it was a calling for humanity. I clearly sensed that from this deep freedom which I recognized to be the essence of who we all are, we can create a world that is all good, true and beautiful, that nothing is in our way to create a flourishing global society.

In me this knowing landed with a deep intention: “We can create a new world from the inside out” and this intention is still the driving force of everything I do in my life. I get up with it, and I go to bed with it. It endlessly inspires me, it madly chases my mind and it drives me to continuously ask myself the question: Who am I more? and to become an expression of that.

The 'funny' thing with this kind of callings and visions is that more often than not, they do not come with a clear map or a step by step plan. So I had no clou whatsoever how to develop myself in this possible human I sensed in my vision, but I knew it was going to happen. The journey already had begun and the path I just came from wasn't there anymore....

This is about 14 years ago now and I realize that what I saw was possible is actually slowly happening right now, in myself, in others, in our global society.

People are slowly awakening to the fact that we are developing creatures, we evolve over time and we actually are always attracted to what we can be more.

For example in this moment of my life I find myself reaching for a refinement of my own thinking, I also long for deeper soul relationships, I want to be able to freely express myself artistically, to deepen my body wisdom, to include more in my awareness and relate to it all in a non-linear, fluidly connected, and meaningful way. Those are new impulses that need to be followed. Why? So I can be more, express more, give more.

I find myself in the midst of a growth spurt that is inspiring, exhilarating, overwhelming and by times very unsettling and confusing, but it all is deeply good and meaningful.

In the people around me and in our society I see this same call to grow up and it occurs in different ways. Mostly in the wide variety of discontent we experience in our personal lives, our relationships, the work we do, the organisations we work for. But also in the failing of our social systems, like our social care, our education and healthcare. We drop out of work because we cannot work in the old way anymore, but the new way is still so hard to recognize. We feel depressed and do not know where to go or what to do with our lives. We feel disempowered to make change happen, and often turn away from ourselves, from difficult situation and from the people who might need us. A lot of people are starting their own businesses trying at least to create a great life for themselves and hopefully help their clients to do the same. And a smaller but rapidly growing part of us is taking the endeavor to transform who they are and help others to do the same.

The thing is, we are taking our problems all too personal, we see the situations we are in as problems we need to get over so we can go on with our (hopefully happier) lifes. We do that personally and collectively. But getting over our personal and collective problems isn’t  going to change anything for real. We will keep on repeating same old same old, only with less stress and more fun :-)

What we really need is to get over our selves. We need to get to our next stage of maturity. We need to grow up.

With growing up I mean letting go of the fixed and small self image we have of ourselve and ask the questions over and over again: Who am I? Who am I more? Who can I be?

We certainly will get the answers, I know that from my own experience, if we only dared to ask the questions.

And I mean really, to sit with them for some time, to lose ourselves in them and refind new answers. And then, the most important thing, to never stop asking those questions.

Soon we will recognize ourselves again as growing up human beings, and our new role in this particular time of our evolution will reveal itself. This will give us new meaning in our life, one that is found deeply in our own mind, body and soul right now.

We are called to grow up. Our longings, our despair, our pain and our depression, our insights and inner experiences. All of it is loudly calling us to respond and to grow up! To become much more than we are now. To become new human beings.

So if you hear it, respond. If not, be silent and listen again carefully. Turn inside yourself, ask the questions, the answers will show you the way. And the moment you find this inner guidance, this impulse to evolve, you will become unstoppable and you will grow into the larger version of yourself. And we will be able to grow up much faster when we do it together and this miraculously and joyfully will be the begining of a flourishing global society.


There is a lot more to think and to write about this subject, adult development is a rather new topic these days. I have the intention to go into it more profoundly and personally here the coming period as I continue my own intense journey. You see, as the youngest daughter of 9, I had a lot of trouble growing up. Having had the continuous message I was the youngest, I literally believed I wasn't able to be a grown up human being! It is not a coincidence that this subject is personally so close to my heart :-)

I hope you enjoyed my first english blog and that it inspired your heart and soul!

Love, Judith