Judith Minnema

Create a New World from the Inside Out



I am not a mother

I am not a wife

So who am I?

I do not have a career

Nor do I have a real profession

So who am I?

I am not a talented caregiver

And my household skills are lousy too

Who am I then?

I am not a woman

I am not a man

I am not my thoughts, my memories, not my life story

I am not my scars, my pain, my failures

I am not my successes too

I am not my mind

not my body

not my soul

I am nothing

No Thing

I am without beginning and without end



It takes courage to seriously ask yourself the big questions: 'Who am I ?' and 'What is Life?'. But it takes everything to become the lived embodiment of the answers you got. - Judith Minnema